10,000 Gutter Industry Professionals Know the Truth

The combined knowledge of an entire industry says it all. Have you ever wondered why there are so many gutter guard products on the market? Or why so many non-franchise gutter companies keep changing the type of guard they offer or why they refuse to sell just one brand? Here’s a scenario that addresses these questions.

Any experienced gutter professional knows that no gutter guard is fool-proof, 100% effective or maintenance-free. To remain competitive, companies typically offer lifetime warranties that require them to absorb additional costs when customers call back years later complaining about failing guard areas. Meanwhile unscrupulous manufacturers deny responsibility for anything other than product manufacturing defects. So they disavow any responsibility for product functionality, leaving the gutter system installer without recourse. Large franchises have similar problems but they charge such a premium at the outset that they can afford to back-pay themselves endlessly to maintain their failing systems and perpetuate forward sales through lifetime warranty service coverage. The formula works but the system was still sold to the customer under the pretense that it “eliminates gutter cleaning.” In reality, the large franchises know it is just a matter of time until every system will need some form of maintenance.

Suppose someone told you up front that it’s just a matter of time until your new system needs maintenance and that they would offer priced-based options to address long-term maintenance? Would that information influence your decision to spend potentially thousands of dollars on a gutter guard system? Make no mistake, this is one of the most closely-guarded secrets in the industry and companies do not want customers to know this because it destroys their guard sales.

Current Design

Phalanx® Gutter Guard was designed with two primary elements: shielding as much debris away from the gutter as possible and serviceability. No other gutter guard has squarely faced the industry-wide problem of getting inside for service later, which inevitably puts the installer in a problematic situation. After installation there will sooner or later be failing areas that require complete guard removal, servicing and reinstallation. Installers know that currently there is no way around this; as a result, guard sales are decreasing.

Phalanx® design is original and is the industry solution to this serviceability dilemma. Regaining the confidence of gutter professionals throughout the industry with Phalanx® Guard will create profits for companies, give their customers more options, and clear the playing field for further innovation.

Click here to see photos of some failed guards.

The First Line of Defense

The Phalanx Gutter Guard acts as the first line of defense for keeping seasonal tree debris from filling up the gutter and causing damage to your home. Depending on tree proximity and size, the sheer volume and frequency of falling debris can require regular monthly cleaning, incurring a never ending expense. Phalanx Guards have a unique maintenance port on top to access the gutter interior in the future for maintenance. All gutter guard systems have failure rates and thus are only as strong as its weakest elements. Ask any installer with 20 or more years of field experience and the consensus is “its just a matter of time” until they need service. The Phalanx design incorporates this future serviceability need so complete removal and reinstallation are not necessary. Saving the current homeowner and future gutter professionals the hassle of attempting to enter a non-entry design guard system to service it.