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Phalanx Gutter Guards

The Phalanx® Gutter Guard is the first line of defense for rain gutter systems needing protection from debris that trees shed throughout the year: leaves, pine needles, oak tassels, helicopter seed pods, pollen blooms, and many others. Our unique all-aluminum design incorporates long-term maintenance, which is most important to any guard system. Phalanx® installs between starter and finish shingle keeping its pitch with the roof so debris will slide off to the ground. The dual flow design allows water to first enter the gutter from the top tray through a parallel array of 0.125″ wide 45° angled slots tightly spaced forcing water to diffuse by crossing multiple slots. Directly beneath this top tray, an aluminum mesh is bonded to stop small particulate from penetrating and plugging this area. With netting equivalent to window screen, this will allow very fine micro-particles like shingle grit, pollen, algae, and asphalt to flow through and not dam up. This top tray is removable from the primary guard body and will allow easy access to the interior for future maintenance. The secondary water inlet is the radial 70° outer edge, which brings in water by surface tension, and is only needed for heavy downpour or large roof volume situations.

Just the Facts

There are at least 40 other gutter guard products on the market. Without years of research, observation, and experience, homeowners face a difficult challenge in choosing the best gutter guard. Manufacturers introduce new features, which they claim will make their product the new best, but 80% of all guards basically look and function the same: either through surface tension or micro-screen technology. Truth-in-advertising is non-existent in the gutter guard market “100% protection” and “guaranteed not to clog” and “scientifically proven not to clog” are some of the frequently advertised claims.

Realistically, there are three grades of gutter guards on the market:

  • Short-term protection: these are screens, flimsy plastic shields in 3 foot sections, and can be found inside any home improvement store. The failure rate is 90% at the 3-6 year mark, depending on tree proximity and type, with pines being the ultimate destroyer of this guard. No warranty.
  • Mid-term protection: these are slightly better designs, thicker PVC, and aluminum shields, with various perforations and louvers in three to four foot sections. Usually found at gutter supply houses and sold mostly to gutter companies, the failure rate is 40% to 60% at the 3-6 year mark, depending on tree proximity and type. Small debris destroys this guard. Guarantee offered at installers’ discretion.
  • Long-term protection: these are franchised-only products. The best designs are aluminum one-piece, or sectional 8′ rounded front edge. The failure rate is 20% to 40% at the 7 to 10 year mark depending on tree proximity and type. Small and micro-debris penetrate this guard and it’s very difficult to get inside for service. Guarantees are enforced by franchise licensors.